Root canal treatment is also called endodontics. Root canal treatment is a highly skilled and time-consuming procedure.

If the blood or nerve supply of the tooth is infected through decay or injury then you'll need root canal treatment. When the soft tissue inside the tooth becomes infected this can spread and lead to a dental abscess. The aim of the treatment is to remove all infection. The root is then cleaned and filled to prevent any further infection.

Loupes are used that magnifies to x4, during the treatment and greatly enhances the success rate. Most courses of treatment will involve 1 or 2 visits.


About Your Tooth

Tooth anatomy

Your tooth consists of two main parts:
- the crown, which is that part of the tooth above the gum and visible in your mouth;
- the root(s), which is that part of the tooth that lies beneath the gum and is surrounded by bone. Inside each root is a channel that runs the length of the tooth called the root canal.  This contains the pulp (nerves, blood vessels, and soft tissue) and is often referred to as the "nerve" of the tooth.


What is Endodontics?

In order to preserve a tooth that is 'dying', it is necessary to remove the infected and inflamed pulp tissue from inside the roots to prevent further spread into the surrounding tissues. The roots are then filled and sealed. This procedure is known as endodontic or root canal therapy. Endodontic therapy is concerned with removing only the pulp from the root canal, so the root and tooth will remain intact and continue to function normally in jaw bone after the treatment.

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