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The human body is one interactive, interdependent, biological organism. Oral health and general health are related in many ways. There is sufficient evidence to prove that bad oral health and poor oral hygiene contributes towards cardiac and circulatory diseases, rheumatism, apoplexy, complications during pregnancy and more.

In summary: "General health starts within the oral cavity".


Our qualified hygienists are on hand to clean teeth and gums, removing calculus, stains, and plaque from teeth to maintain a healthy, brighter smile.

Patients are taught how to practice good oral hygiene. Smoking is a main cause of gum disease and we see smoking cessation as a priority for maintaining good oral and general health.

For example, our hygienist can explain the relationship between diet and oral health, inform patients how to select toothbrushes and show them how to brush and floss their teeth.

Visit our hygienist for excellent advice and guidance on all your dental health needs.

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